How to Become A Stripper – What To Say To The Customers

Hi girls,

How yall doin? Have you decided to become a stripper yet?  If you have just joined, hi you, maybe you need to read from the beginning how to become a stripper.

Today I am going to discuss with you what to talk about with your first customer. OMG - I bet  you are really nervous if you are just even thinking about it. I was really nervous. In fact I was painfully shy. I still am quite shy but am more used to it and have grown in my confidence. So you can too.

So if you are shy and worried about how you are going to actually talk to the customers, then I totally hear ya sista, cause I was like that. I still remembering looking at my customer hoping the ground would swallow me up. There were a lot of long uncomfortable pauses and of course I did not get a dance from him. I mean I was awkward and not sexy at all.

So if you think you might be a little like this then do not think you are doomed to not become a stripper. In fact you can work through this and get past your shyness like I did.

So what do you talk about? Well you can get complicated with this, but I think in the beginning you should keep this part simple, like really simple until you get used to speaking with them. So you can remember to ask them 4 questions whcih will keep them talking about themselves and you can just be a great listener and add you r comments

1) You can talk about how they are, are they enjoying themselves, have they had a good day

2) what they are doing in the club, are they with a colleague, or with friends, or on a stag do

3) If they have been in the club before,

4) How thier day has been, you can talk longer about this, where they work etc

That will give you at least 3-4 minutes of talking. And I guess you will then get used to talking. Just think of it like you are meeting people at a party for thr first time and you have to make the first move. Can you do that?

Tomorrow I realise I am going to talk about confidence that you need to become a stripper. Don’t worry you can get confidence quite quickly. I will explain it then

How to become a stripper with confidence


Ash xo

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I’m 17 and am think of become a stripper… How is your job can you explain some of the deats? I would want to know how you feel and if u have had any regrets of choosing thins as a career choice? Thanks so much

Hello! I was wondering how I can get in contact with a stripper currently in the business to learn more about it?

hi Ashley are you still a dancer if so can you please give me some advice I would love to be a stripper I need to make my rent I had a baby 9 months ago my stomach has been stretchd out i could hide it is im 5 ft and weigh about 115 is it all sbout being skinny and perfect?

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