How to become A Stripper – What Kind of Body does a Stripper Have?

Hey all ,

Welcome back!

Hope y’all have enjoyed a nice weekend, so sorry if you were waiting for me to write, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t want to think at all.

If you have just joined, Welcome, It would be better if you read from the beginning to get a better idea about how to become a stripper.

So this is the place where many girls get stuck and I can totally understand why. Are you skinny enough? Do you have the right size breasts? What about cellulite, marks and other “unusual” things on the body.

Basically this all means is AM I GOOD ENOUGH?

I had all of these concerns too, especially the one about marks on my body. See I have a big birthmark on my bum and a smaller one on my stomach. I can show you my smaller one but I have one three times the size on my left butt cheek, But i don’t want to post a picture of it here ( a little embarrased ;) )

how to become a stripper birthmark

My smaller birthmark, a bigger one is on my left butt cheek :)

I thought I also had too small breasts ( but we’ll talk about THAT tomorrow!)

So I thought I wouldn’t fit into the “perfect” ness of the girls who work at the club.

If you have read my story in the “about me” section then you will know that a friend of mine got me working in the club and luckily she was able to “audition” me before I got to the club and reassured me about my imperfections.

That is the only reason I was able to show my bum or I never would not have been able to go.

So the lesson for today is that your body does not have to be as perfect as you think.

You will need to have a slim-ish body which doesn’t look loose, but most bodies are fine. The girls are not as perfect as you think.

Tomorrow I will talk more about breasts and body size

So till then
C’mon back and leave your comments
Ashley xo

Stripper Breast Size – What’s perfect?

Can I Have cellulite as a stripper

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Hi ashley if u add me on facebook, can you tell me if I’m pretty enough and have the body 2 become a stripper?

Great site. A lot of useful information here. Iā€™m sending it to some friends!

Hi Kelli

I dont have a facebook page yet…still wondering whether I should or not :)

I am sure you are pretty enough, but the body you can post anonomously if you want on

Ash ox

ya facebook is great, especially 2 keep in contact with friends :) ! And how wld I post it anonymously?!

nice post. thanks.

I work out regular 3 timed week , My body is getting toned
But I have dark areas on my body so then do u put makeup
On them and wut is a good body .makeup? Im preping
I’m a single mom need the money

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